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Asterisk/NCS 1.0

As a platform for VoIp, we use the Asterisk PBX, using SIP where possible. But we also use PacketCable NCS 1.0 for Docsis / EuroDocsis Networks.

Initially Asterisk doesn't support this protocol, but it supports MGCP Protocol that is the base protocol (rfc2705) for PacketCable NCS, so there was an initial patch from urtho ( that modified the MGCP asterisk implementation to work with NCS 1.0 systems... From this initial patch, we improved the NCS support, fixed some bugs, and adapted it for new versions of Asterisk. We use this code in some cable networks using the following eMTAs:

  • Arris 401 B (Eurodocsis)
  • Arris 401 A (Docsis)
  • Arris 402 B (Eurodocsis)
  • Arris 402 A (Docsis)
  • Arris 501 B (Eurodocsis)
  • Arris 501 A (Docsis)
  • Arris 502 B (Eurodocsis)
  • Arris 502 A (Docsis)
  • Arris 601 B/DM (Docsis/Eurodocsis Dual)
  • Arris 601 A (Docsis)
  • Arris 602 B/DM (Docsis/Eurodocsis Dual)
  • Arris 602 A (Docsis)
  • Arris Wi-Fi WTM552 B (Eurodocsis)
  • Arris Wi-Fi WTM552 A (Docsis)
  • Scientific Atlanta EPX2203 (Docsis/Eurodocsis Dual)
  • Terayon TA102 (DOCSIS)
  • Terayon TA202 (EuroDOCSIS)

We contrib the code, to Asterisk base source Issue/patch, and at this time it is in the process for inclusion in Asterisk main base code. You can find more info, some config samples, at Asterisk Packet Cable NCS 1.0 Support for Docsis / Eurodocsis Networks.

It the Digium bug system you can get the code for svn Asterisk trunk version (1.6.x branch), but at this repository we also have the code for Asterisk 1.4 branch.

To download the code from this repository you should use a subversion client and checkout the code using the following command:

svn co

We also, contribute some other minor fixes for Asterisk:


Screencast Demo of BoscliOss extension for Asterisk:


This software package include utilities to work with MAC address. Utilities:

EtherVendors info page


Open tickets:

Doc for debian packages
ITP: ethervendors -- Ehernet Vendor utils
ITP: truncate -- truncate files
dhcpdump extension / Option 122
CutyCapt manpage
CutyCapt ITP at debian
CutyCapt package cleanup & lintian revision
boscli-oss update deb packages / upload to web
Create a deb with tipical emacs confs

Debian work in progress: Debian bugs


Also, we try to collaborate on all communities of Free and Open Source we use, by sending bugs / reports, patches and scripts, and so on.

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